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Company's history

1928. Grandfather of our Mr. Ingo Schroeder, Mr. Wilhelm Schroeder, founded WILHELM SCHRÖDER WALZWERKERZEUGNISSE HAGEN company, dealing with rolling material of all kinds, particulary; however concentrating on, with sheet-material for the fast growing automobile industry. He became the sole agent for whole of Germany of one of the big German rolling mills.

After the second world war Mr. Wilhelm Schroeder decided to extend his business activities also to foreign European countries and founded an export department which was growing from year to year. They started with export of rolling material to Turkey being at that time a very good market for these products. When his eldest son, Mr. Wilhelm Schroeder junior, returned from war captivity (his second son lost his life during the war) he joined his father’s company and worked in the export department.

Under the leadership of Mr. Wilhelm Schroeder junior the export activities were extended with much success to nearly all countries of the Near- and Middle East.

In 1955 the export department, now called WILHELM SCHROEDER OHG, was separated from the mother company and moved to Cologne in order to be very close to the big rolling mills in North-Rhine Westphalia.

In 1982 Mr. Wilhelm Schroeder junior died and from now on his wife, Gisela Schroeder, managed the company.

When her son finished his studies he entered the Wilhelm Schroeder OHG until he overtook this company in 1988 and changed company's name into


This company is working worldwide within the scope of routined delivery program and enjoys a very good reputation. The custom- ers are mostly refineries, petrochemical plants, wharfs, railways, construction com- panies and some private customers. It is our aim to satisfy our customers with competi- tive prices and quick deliveries for goods of first-class quality.

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September 01, 2012


After having done worldwide exports for a German producer of anti-skid Traymats & Placemats in expanded polystyrene (EPS) as well as in paper, plain white or printed mostly to inflight section of airlines, caterers, ferries, cruisers, train companies and other mobile hospitality sections for more than 12 years we have decided to do the business in our own name.


So your enquiries for these products are almost welcome.